I’m SUPER EXCITED that I’m about to embark on an epic trip across the United States of America with one of my best lady friends in tow.

The biggest thing we own which needs to be moved happens to be our car. It’s in great shape and with all the things to do in driving distance of San Francisco, we made the decision to keep our wheels.

I’m not sure there will be another time in my life where I will have the excuse, time and opportunity to drive from Toronto all the way to California.

So on Tuesday, February 25, I leave with my friend Megan.


First stop is Chicago. I recently got engaged and I can’t wait to check out only one of three physical BHLDN stores (Anthropologie’s wedding line).

When starting to plan our trip, we looked for apps to help us along the way. I stumbled upon Roadtrippers, a fairly new road tripping tool which makes it super easy to plan and find your way from point A to B. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

THE BIG MOVE | My new trip on Roadtrippers

Are we missing anything? Looking for recommendations!

Send me a tweet, Facebook message or leave a note in the comments :)


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