About the Author

From a very young age I have been compelled to do three things: write, read and socialize.

I started writing stories at a young age, one poke of the keyboard at a time. I would sit on my ankles, so I could stare right into our home computer’s monochrome screen, averaging about three to six typed words per minute. When everything was just right, I would print off my work on dot matrix paper and pass it to my mom for a reaction (usually hoping for shock).

As I’ve grown up, I’m proud to report that my writing style has followed suit. I no longer compose horror stories, instead I write articles, blog posts, status updates, news releases and marketing copy.

I have an undying interest in emerging technologies and a talkative nature which fuels my passion for social networking platforms. Always willing to try out a platform once, I spend a lot of time experimenting with the next big thing online. I like figuring out if and how emerging technologies can support brands and grow online communities.

I am a self-directed learner who reads a lot. You can often find me walking down the street staring at my Kindle, gawping at the side of a cereal box in my kitchen or sitting on my couch scrolling through news feeds. I was once a die-hard fan of the Bernstein Bears, but these days you’re more likely to catch me reading tweets, a Reddit post, a social media management guide or  some best selling novel.

I crave social interaction and often suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). I actively participate in the social web, and love that it provides me with even more ways to connect and learn from different people. One thing I love about my line of work is that it connects me with people, whether it’s online, on the phone, at an event or in a boardroom.

I’m passionate about lifelong learning and continually find myself working for companies which provide education and professional development opportunities.

For me, being social isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.

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