Once upon a time, opportunity knocked on the door.

I’m a geek who fell in love with a geek.
We like technology and how it connects people, changes the world, empowers and entertains. We’ve long looked at Silicon Valley as our mecca, the place where we would thrive and be challenged among like-minded people. Where the meaning of Bitcoin was understood (and accepted by an increasing number of retailers) without explanation. Where beta versions of apps are available and details of the next big thing can be overheard in a coffee shop (which happens to be serving up the best damn coffee ever).

The geek I fell for many years ago, Matt Fisher, is a very talented front-end developer with a love of experimentation and hardware. Like many people in his highly in-demand field, he’s had many people reach out to him for placements all across North America, but nothing has really compelled us to want to budge. We love Toronto, we really do.

However, when opportunities started knocking from San Francisco, our feet started to itch. We decided to take a vacation in the summer of 2013 to see if this was in fact a city we could see ourselves settling in. It was.

Next thing you know, Matt  had signed on to join the team at Justin.tv - a company which he has been a huge fan of for some time. Since then, we have been pulling together copious amounts of paperwork for visas, purging our personal belongings and coordinating everything one needs to in order to make a move like this. It’s been almost six months and we’re close, so very close. The one thing with an international move is the dates are fluid. We are currently completely at the mercy of the US government granting us the go-ahead.

When the visa finally come through, the madness begins. I started this blog to document our move, my road trip across the USA and my adventures in the Bay Area.

When I land, my own job hunt will begin.

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