Kayaking in Point Reyes

One Sunday morning we piled into our car, picking up a couple of friends along the way, and headed to the Point Reyes area to kayak. About an hour and a half from downtown San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, we landed just past Point Reyes in a small township called Marshall. We reserved and paid for our kayaks on the Blue Waters Kayaking website the day before we left, so we were good to go when we arrived.


We were greeted by a couple of laid back, but eager to help guys running the operation out of a small shack like office – exactly what we imagined. We opted for the type of kayak you sit on top of because we’re far from pros and you need to have some training in order to rent the kayak you actual sit in. After a jaunt across the Tomales Bay, we were feeling it in our triceps and stopped for a breather. We continued on around the bay making the full circle back to where we started. The views were beautiful and the water wasn’t too rough because it was more of an inlet than anything.

After only a couple hours on the water, we were spent ha! We dropped off our kayaks and wandered over to a seafood joint right next door and indulged in a casual, but fairly pricey lunch. Oyster fans fit in really well here.

A couple of tips for those thinking about making the trip – remember you’re going to get wet! Leave your valuables in the car, bring towels and even a change of clothes, wear water shoes or shoes you don’t care about, and consider getting a waterproof bag for your phone. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

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