Why work with us?

We will strive to find you the right home, in the right location, at the right price. Our vast experience makes it easy to understand and work to fulfill your wants and needs, time frame and financial boundaries.

You’ll save time.

We pinpoint homes that fit your needs and dismiss those that don’t.

You’ll benefit from our experienced negotiating skills.

As your agents, we will manage your offers and counter-offers, ensuring that you get the best possible price for your home.

You’ll get the right information.

We’re well versed in Oakville and surrounding neighbourhoods, and can give you accurate information on local real estate values, taxes, utility costs, services and amenities.

You’ll always receive great advice.

Our extensive experience with the entire home purchasing process, means we can offer you advice for your legal and financial options, as well as recommend home inspectors, contracting services, and more.


Awards and recognition:

Re/Max 100% Club Award

Re/Max Platinum Club Award

Re/Max Executive Club Award

Re/Max Hall of Fame Award