Cross-Country Road Trip Reflections

Over the course of our great road trip from Toronto to San Francisco, I really started to understand the sentiment behind the patriotic song, America the Beautiful. We drove through mountains and rock formations of all varieties, we saw skyscrapers which left us in awe and took in mesmerizing ocean views. We saw the quaint and the elaborate sides of the US, as well as the trashy and a touch of the classy.

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. We covered ten states in eleven glorious days, some of which we spent a day in, others we just passed through. It makes me want to see more of this beautiful country, more of my home country Canada, and more of the world. I feel like the idea of packing up and moving 4,000 miles away is a lot less scary when you know how much awesome also lays outside the borders of your hometown.

My heart will always belong in Toronto, but my mind has never been more open. I can’t wait to get to know San Francisco, and perhaps, another city after that. I lived in a couple neighbourhoods in Toronto and a number of people, myself included, operated very much in their own neighbourhood. Few were reluctant about the idea of moving across wards, never mind countries. One thing I did find though, was in each neighbourhood I lived in I found a community. Maybe this is unique to Toronto, but after my travels, I’d like to believe that with the right attitude, open-mindedness and a good connection to the Internet, you can make any place feel like home, or a version of it.

My advice to anyone reading this is not to be afraid to take the plunge when an opportunity comes your way. Your friends (of the best kind) and family will support you even if they are sad to see you go. If they don’t, why are you hanging around them anyway? Even more reason to find yourself somewhere new.

On that note, I can’t wait for visitors! I find a lot of joy in discovering and sharing with those I love – this blog is proof of that!¬†While I wait for your arrival, I will take in the view from my new rooftop patio and enjoy a good glass of Californian red ;)

Safe travels!


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