Labor Day Weekend: Monterey Bay

Sep 15, 14 Labor Day Weekend: Monterey Bay

My husband Matt and I’s birthdays are two days apart, so we’ve got into the habit of exchanging gifts with each other on the same day. This year when it came time to exchange, Matt encouraged me to go first.

I opened up a bag full of colouring books geared towards adults (yay!) complete with a set of pencil crayons (colored pencils for my American readers). I actually talked about wanting this, because I find colouring is a great way to zone out and unwind from the pressures of the real life. He then handed me an envelope and said, “This is really your present.”

I peeled open the flap and inside was a one pager describing a weekend getaway in Monterey Bay complete with an in-suite couples massage. Awesome, right? I couldn’t help chuckling as I handed Matt his gift, an RCAF zip-up and an envelope containing the exact same thing except instead of a massage, I opted for a 1.5 hour flight with an instructor. Matt’s a huge aviation enthusiast and I’m a massage enthusiast, so it kind of makes sense where we deviated. Too funny.


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Biking from the City to Sausalito

Apr 14, 14 Biking from the City to Sausalito

The three superficial things which I would hate to live without are my laptop, smartphone and bike.

When the mover dropped off my big red bike in pieces, I struggled to put her back together. She survived the long journey, but has some battle scars on the seat, gear switch and fenders.  Thus she sat unused in storage for the first couple weeks of being here, while I continued to put the rest of my life together.

Her time came when my friend Katie invited me to bike to Sausalito this past Saturday – I simply couldn’t say no. Luckily, San Francisco is a bike friendly city despite the calve muscle killing hills, so finding a repair shop was easy. I didn’t have to wheel my chainless bike far to find a pro to get her up and running again. Market Street Cycles down the street from me had her road-ready within hours. A tune/set-up and a new bike chain cost me about $60.

Worth every penny.


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Cross-Country Road Trip Reflections

Mar 11, 14 Cross-Country Road Trip Reflections

Over the course of our great road trip from Toronto to San Francisco, I really started to understand the sentiment behind the patriotic song, America the Beautiful. We drove through mountains and rock formations of all varieties, we saw skyscrapers which left us in awe and took in mesmerizing ocean views. We saw the quaint and the elaborate sides of the US, as well as the trashy and a touch of the classy.

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. We covered ten states in eleven glorious days, some of which we spent a day in, others we just passed through. It makes me want to see more of this beautiful country, more of my home country Canada, and more of the world. I feel like the idea of packing up and moving 4,000 miles away is a lot less scary when you know how much awesome also lays outside the borders of your hometown.

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Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth!

Mar 07, 14 Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth!

Visiting California’s Disneyland was one of the things we decided to do very early in the planning stages of our trip. My road trip buddy Megan had never been to Disney and I first learned this minutes after meeting her 14 years ago. Let’s just say this was a long time coming. We picked up some epic shirts to wear from Hot Topic at the Las Vegas outlets we visited a couple days before, which from an economic standpoint was a wise thing to do (that is if like us you insist on wearing your excitement).

We checked in to our Anaheim hotel late (around 11pm) on Wednesday night after our swift visit to LA. This was the first time our $60 or less a night hotel room scared me. Maybe it was the reviews of surrounding hotels that I read that had my senses on high alert, or the fact that when I went to open the door to check-in I was directed to the somewhat sketchy night window, either way I didn’t sleep so well that night.

After slipping my credit card into a slot below bullet-proof glass to check-in, we hustled to our room with our valuables and dead bolted ourselves in.

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Sightseeing in Santa Monica and LA

Mar 07, 14 Sightseeing in Santa Monica and LA

After 36 hours of Las Vegas debauchery, Santa Monica was the detox we needed. This lovely beachfront city in western Los Angeles was a breath of fresh air. We only had an afternoon and evening to take in the highlights of LA and this made it to the top of our list based on the recommendation of one of our best friends touting it as their “favourite place in the world.” I can understand why.


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36 Hours in Las Vegas

Mar 04, 14 36 Hours in Las Vegas

After driving for hours filled with incredible views along the I-70 from Utah, we began to see signs of Vegas. Dozens of power lines emerged out of the desert all leading to a city which is the epitome of all things anti-environment. Even our plastic hotel cups came wrapped in even more plastic, but that’s a story for another post. Taking an ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitude and drinking copious amount of cheap margaritas is really the only way to enjoy your over-air-conditioned self in the middle of the desert. I guess after taking in countless hours of natural beauty, I went into Vegas with a higher sense of preservation for nature than usual. I’m really in no position to criticize really, I am in the process of driving my car over 4,000 miles to it’s new home. At least the Civic is fuel efficient.


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