Cross-Country Road Trip Reflections

Mar 11, 14 Cross-Country Road Trip Reflections

Over the course of our great road trip from Toronto to San Francisco, I really started to understand the sentiment behind the patriotic song, America the Beautiful. We drove through mountains and rock formations of all varieties, we saw skyscrapers which left us in awe and took in mesmerizing ocean views. We saw the quaint and the elaborate sides of the US, as well as the trashy and a touch of the classy.

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. We covered ten states in eleven glorious days, some of which we spent a day in, others we just passed through. It makes me want to see more of this beautiful country, more of my home country Canada, and more of the world. I feel like the idea of packing up and moving 4,000 miles away is a lot less scary when you know how much awesome also lays outside the borders of your hometown.

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Flights for Cats from Toronto: Bella’s Big Adventure

Feb 26, 14 Flights for Cats from Toronto: Bella’s Big Adventure

I don’t know the details on how pigs can fly, but after sending my cat on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to San Francisco I feel it’s very possible. Our lead up to the big move took longer than expected and Matt needed to fly out for work as soon as it was ‘visa possible,’ which meant landing without a permanent apartment. Luckily his aunt and uncle (who for the record are awesome and highly entertaining) were willing to open their home to him and the cat, but we were hoping to hold out with the cat until things were a bit more settled for her sake.

I on the other hand, was planning on driving cross-country, and I simply didn’t have room for a would-be miserable cat and her accompanying litter box. As I told most people, one day of flight madness and the cat might hate me, but ten days in the car and we’d likely hate each other.



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Apartment Hunting in San Francisco

Feb 19, 14 Apartment Hunting in San Francisco

Everything we heard and read about the San Francisco rental market wasn’t good. There was a general consensus of limited dwellings at insane prices. Coming from a major city which is almost three times the size, we thought that this might have been overblown. It wasn’t.

I was doing my best to set-up viewings remotely, while my main man Matt was on the ground ready to go check them out in person. He would have all necessary documents on hand just in case he found our new digs.

I reached out to dozens of places using everything from Padmapper to Apartment List and was met with a 60% response rate. The most common responses I received to this outreach was the work of scam artists. Once I identified the first scammer, it became pretty easy to call out others from there.

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Bittersweet Goodbyes and Packing Madness

Feb 22, 13 Bittersweet Goodbyes and Packing Madness

We’ve been slowly purging our life’s belonging since we made the decision to move, but I’m still amazed by how much stuff we fit into our place and wanted to take with us. Part of the immigration process is documenting every last thing you own, so I created a spreadsheet, numbered each box and created an inventory for each box based on it’s assigned number. Out final list of stuff was seven glorious pages long, and the word robot appeared about a half dozen times.

Luckily, I had a team of friends and my mom to help me pack up. Finding the motivation to continue to power through can be hard, but these women kept me going (so did the red wine, Californian I might add).

packing 2


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I’m Not Moving to Frisco

Feb 18, 13 I’m Not Moving to Frisco

I’m not moving to Frisco, to San Fran or to Es Ef. I’m moving to San Francisco.

One thing that has come up time and time again when we tell people about our big move south of the border is the words of wisdom…

“Don’t refer to San Francisco as Frisco, San Fran or any short forms for that matter.”

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Once upon a time, opportunity knocked on the door.

Feb 05, 13 Once upon a time, opportunity knocked on the door.

I’m a geek who fell in love with a geek.
We like technology and how it connects people, changes the world, empowers and entertains. We’ve long looked at Silicon Valley as our mecca, the place where we would thrive and be challenged among like-minded people. Where the meaning of Bitcoin was understood (and accepted by an increasing number of retailers) without explanation. Where beta versions of apps are available and details of the next big thing can be overheard in a coffee shop (which happens to be serving up the best damn coffee ever).

The geek I fell for many years ago, Matt Fisher, is a very talented front-end developer with a love of experimentation and hardware. Like many people in his highly in-demand field, he’s had many people reach out to him for placements all across North America, but nothing has really compelled us to want to budge. We love Toronto, we really do.

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