Bittersweet Goodbyes and Packing Madness

We’ve been slowly purging our life’s belonging since we made the decision to move, but I’m still amazed by how much stuff we fit into our place and wanted to take with us. Part of the immigration process is documenting every last thing you own, so I created a spreadsheet, numbered each box and created an inventory for each box based on it’s assigned number. Out final list of stuff was seven glorious pages long, and the word robot appeared about a half dozen times.

Luckily, I had a team of friends and my mom to help me pack up. Finding the motivation to continue to power through can be hard, but these women kept me going (so did the red wine, Californian I might add).

packing 2


Even our cat Isabella joined in the packing madness. She managed to sit on all the things that still needed packed as if it was her job.

pack cat

The international mover I booked came and took everything away this morning. Two guys showed up and powered through all the boxes in just under two hours. They did scoff at how poorly I wrapped my TV which was a strange comfort. At least I knew they would take care of my stuff better than I can!

I leave Tuesday morning and until then it will be all about friends and family.

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