BHLDN Chicago is the Definition of Pretty

Since I became engaged last fall I have spent far too much time on the BHLDN website drooling over dresses, accessories and decorations. Part of the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters family, BHLDN’s line captures the romantic elegance I’m going for on my big day. There are currently only three brick and mortar stores in operation (with four more on the way), all of which are located in the US.

When I began planning my road trip, I knew I needed to schedule in a visit to the Chicago location. Situated just off the end of Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s high-end shopping district, and just down the road from an Urban Outfitters, the store lived up to the brand experience it had crafted online. With just over two floors of dresses on racks and tables of ornate accessories, it was just plain pretty.





The staff was friendly and helpful. Maybe because it was a Wednesday morning, but the ratio of customer to staff member was fantastic; we were well taken care of. One of my ‘bridal entourage’ also happens to be my road trip buddy, and she was excited to try on some dresses. Isn’t she pretty?


The ONLY disappointment I had was that a couple of things I saw online, which I was hoping to check out in person, were sold out or unavailable. I picked up some decorative banners, a Swarovski bracelet and some bridal undies.  I wanted to buy a couple of other decorative items which were sold out, and there were no shoes at all in store to try on. I’m in love with these heels and had hoped to try them on.

When it came time for cashing out, my purchase was completed on the store clerk’s iPhone and a receipt was emailed to me – yay technology! I let the pictures tell the rest of the story :)












We’re thinking of hitting up the Beverley Hills location when we pass through LA later next week – we’ll see where the open road takes us!

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