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@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

Oct 12, 14 @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

Believe it or not, after living in San Francisco for nearly 8 months (time flies!) I had still yet to visit Alcatraz. One of the top tourist destinations of the city, I figured I would wind up going with one of the many visitors we’ve had stay with us. No dice. So when a few weeks ago I saw a post about a new Ai Weiwei exhibit opening in the notorious prison, I knew my time had come.

For those who are unfamiliar, Ai Weiwei is a celebrated Chinese mixed-media artist whose work is deeply rooted in social, political and cultural issues. He’s been openly critical about the Chinese government’s stance on democracy and human rights which has led to him being harassed and imprisoned. He is not allowed to travel without official permission. He has become a symbol of sorts for the struggle of human rights in China.

Further motivation to go: I missed Ai Weiwei’s installation in Toronto at Nuit Blanche 2013, but perhaps a few of you saw ‘Forever Bicycles’? Incredible stuff.

The artist’s works and what they represent made this exhibit the kind of thing that even if I had been to Alcatraz, I’d go back again just to see this.

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Kayaking in Point Reyes

Oct 06, 14 Kayaking in Point Reyes

One Sunday morning we piled into our car, picking up a couple of friends along the way, and headed to the Point Reyes area to kayak. About an hour and a half from downtown San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, we landed just past Point Reyes in a small township called Marshall. We reserved and paid for our kayaks on the Blue Waters Kayaking website the day before we left, so we were good to go when we arrived.

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Labor Day Weekend: Monterey Bay

Sep 15, 14 Labor Day Weekend: Monterey Bay

My husband Matt and I’s birthdays are two days apart, so we’ve got into the habit of exchanging gifts with each other on the same day. This year when it came time to exchange, Matt encouraged me to go first.

I opened up a bag full of colouring books geared towards adults (yay!) complete with a set of pencil crayons (colored pencils for my American readers). I actually talked about wanting this, because I find colouring is a great way to zone out and unwind from the pressures of the real life. He then handed me an envelope and said, “This is really your present.”

I peeled open the flap and inside was a one pager describing a weekend getaway in Monterey Bay complete with an in-suite couples massage. Awesome, right? I couldn’t help chuckling as I handed Matt his gift, an RCAF zip-up and an envelope containing the exact same thing except instead of a massage, I opted for a 1.5 hour flight with an instructor. Matt’s a huge aviation enthusiast and I’m a massage enthusiast, so it kind of makes sense where we deviated. Too funny.


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Bay Area Girl Geeks Dinner: Salesforce Lightning Talks

May 16, 14 Bay Area Girl Geeks Dinner: Salesforce Lightning Talks

On the evening of Wednesday, May 14, the folks at Salesforce played host to the 64th Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner (BAGGD) in their iconic One Market Street location. Guests were greeted by a crew of volunteers in Salesforce t-shirts ready to hand out name tags and branded socks, yes socks. Made of bamboo and donning robots with floating hearts, these were a hit among attendees. The t-shirts and hoodies they were handing out were also well received.

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